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Saltwater Fishing Tips

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Whether you’re looking to troll offshore for a massive piece of Tuna or simply want to drift across the bay for a Flounder of your choice; saltwater fishing can be rewarding, to say the least! But since it can, however, get tricky, it is important to follow some guidelines before heading out for your fishing adventures. If you are not sure what we are talking about, here’s everything you need to know.

Get A Tough Knot

Saltwater fishes tend to exert a lot of strength when you try to catch them with the best agm battery. Due to this reason, it is important to invest in a tough not. While there are plenty of knots available in the market, we would recommend the imini Twist’. This is one of the best fishing knots that can maintain a full 100 percent strength regardless of the conditions. Use it for doubling the line or strengthening the leader connection.

Get A New Lure

Yes, fishes tend to bite harder on the lures that are new, bright, and shiny. So, before heading for a saltwater fishing adventure invest in a new set of lures. Purchase the lures that you will actually’ need and only buy for a few trips. If you’re out fishing a bit too often, rinse your used lures and get them dried before keeping them in your tackle boxes.

Get The Mono Filament Changed

If your mono filament starts looking dull and rough, chances are, it isn’t as strong as it used to be. So, the best option here is to make timely changes for the monofilament. If you do not have time to get it changed, cut the front part of your line, get rid of the weaker section and tie it once again.

Soak Your Reels

Yes, before you store your reels, it is important to get them soaked in a bucket of clean, freshwater. Make sure the reels are soaked for a couple of hours so that the saltwater comes off from the line and the interior corners of your reel. It is important to follow this practice regardless of the time you store your reels for.

Tips For Big Fishes

Big fishes, especially the one with moderately sized, rough lips need heavier monofilament than usual. It will take you around 80 to 100-pound test on land, at least 100-pound tarpon to catch them. You can also use 50 to 80 for landing big snooks. Since casting a bigger length of this stuff can be difficult, you can try dividing the leader into two parts. Keep your heavy stuff short between 12 and 20 inches and get around 30 to 40-pound test for the secondary parts. It is important to follow this guideline while fishing around heavy covers.

Set Your Hook

Many anglers set their hooks much before the fishes get the bait or lure properly in their mouths. So, if you’re expecting a fish and cannot see it, it is best to wait a couple of seconds more till the bait becomes visible or you see the lure disappearing in the mouth of the fish. One of the easiest methods of timing this is by waiting until you feel a solid pressure.

Bottom Line

Once you follow these guidelines, catching sea water fish becomes easier.

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