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How Much do At-Home Rowing Machines Help For Actual Rowing on the Water?

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For those of us who love the water, we often look for ways to combine water with fitness to try and kill two birds with one stone. One activity many water enthusiasts enjoy is rowing. However, rowing can be quite taxing on the body, so prepping yourself and getting in peak physical fitness is ideal if you are serious about rowing on the water.

One great way to prepare yourself is to actually row on a machine while you’re at home. This equipment is very effective for regular rowing workouts but you still need to know how much do and utilize the proper techniques on your at-home rowing machine if you plan to get the most out of it and translate it over to the water.

You may be wondering how much at-home rowing machines help for actual rowing on the water? The answer is a great deal because using this machine can help in toning and building your muscle which is very important for actual rowing. A rowing machine is a very popular and effective exercise equipment that is known to mimic the motion of rowing a boat in water which eventually helps to strengthen your body from the inside out. At-home rowing machines offer benefits like building huge explosive power and increasing muscle capacity as it involves more muscles as compared to the other traditional exercise equipment. It also helps in working of the primary muscles like hamstrings, quadriceps and shoulders. Even the abdominals are completely engaged that makes the body ready for actual rowing on the water.

An at-home rowing machine is also very effective in aerobic/cardiovascular conditioning as it offers an excellent aerobic workout that helps in raising your heart rate. It also helps in toning the entire major muscle group without exerting a lot of pressure on your joints. The use of foldable rowing machines also strengthens your arms, back and shoulders which are very beneficial for rowers as it creates tighter resistance for actual rowing. It also facilitates lower body workout where your leg muscles are involved which translates well to rowing since the thighs, buttocks and legs are conditioned. On top of that, you’ll be increasing muscle strength and maintaining balance and flexibility of the body. By staying consistent, you’ll soon notice drastic changes in both your endurance and technique once you hit the water.  This is why we can’t suggest doing this at least twice a week at home on a regular basis.  The benefits are immense if you’re able to stick with it!  

foldable rowing machinesOverall, the rowing machine has been around for a long time and for good reason.  With the proper dedication and training, you’ll be able to strengthen your body and have a whole new experience once you hit the water.  Plus you’ll feel fit, healthy and have more energy, which is never a bad thing! 

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